St. Augustine Septic Tank Repair

Reasons for Septic Tank Failure:

  1. septic tank

    septic tank

    The amount of wastewater entering the system is more than the system can handle. The wastewater will back up in the house or yard creating a health hazard.

  2. A system installed in unsuitable soils can lead to failure. Other risks include tanks that are inaccessible for maintenance, drainfields that are paved or parked on, tree roots or defective components that interfere with treatment.

  3. Household Toxins and Cleaners can interfere with your systems performance. Any oil based paint, solvents, toxic cleaners can kill the living organisms that digest and treat your waste.

  4. Frequent garbage disposal use can increase the amount of fats and solids entering your system and increase the amount of sludge in your septic tank, resulting in more frequent pumping.

  5. Running Toilets, Water Purification System, Hot Tubs and Washing Machines can all lead to drainfield failure, due to excessive amounts of water entering the septic tank. When large amounts of water enter your septic tank, it causes agitation of solids and excess flow to the drainfield causing it to be overloaded.
    Problem ie: Water Standing

    Problem ie:
    Water Standing and fail.

If you are noticing pooling water, backed-up plumbing or bad odors don’t wait call us today for all of your St. Augustine Septic Tank Repair needs. We offer 24/7 emergency septic services (904) 824-8939.

*If you are tired of getting your yard dug up when a problem arises, we can add a riser and cap to the access to eliminate future digging and costly repairs in the future.