I cannot say enough good things about this company. The trust and confidence they inspire is amazing. We have quite a track record together:  the first time I called them was in the middle of a storm on July 4th weekend. Justin was such a professional as he went about his work without even blinking. The next time, Mike came out late on a Saturday night to solve some unknown problem with my sump pump, which he quickly diagnosed and fixed on the spot.

But it’s the way these folks do business that’s most impressive. From the time you call in with a problem, Heather immediately grasps the issue and works to prioritize the support you need. Both times, she was able to dispatch one of the guys hours and sometimes even days before it looked like they had an opening. Everyone in the company is honest, hard-working, and an expert in what they do. They also happen to all be very nice people, and for my money, nice is a highly underrated quality.

My sincere thanks to Mike and Justin and Heather for always being there for me. As I said, I just can’t say enough good about Moore’s.

Sharon D. in Saint Augustine ,